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Social Media and Your Personal Training Business

Social Media and Your Personal Training Business: Hi guys! How are you? It’s Travis here today. I’m happy it rained a bit this week, it hasn’t rained here in ages, so it was good for the garden and also provided a nice opportunity to catch up on some Netflix. I’m currently watching Luther (British cop […]

Facebook Messenger and Bots

Facebook Messenger and Bots: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. This week I thought I would share some of the discussions we’ve been having with Jono. As you may or may not know, Jono was at the Digital Marketers “Traffic and Conversion” convention in San Diego last week. There were two really big take from […]

Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram? Hi guys! How are you? It’s Jono here today. So I was hanging out with my Dad this morning and he told me how he downloaded Instagram! If you haven’t met my dad before he is 65 and super old school and traditional. He’s a retired Maths teacher! But apparently “all his friends […]