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Boxing workout for Uneven Numbers

Boxing workout for Uneven Numbers: Hi guys! Happy Friday! I hope you’re week is going well. Since our Boxing Workouts for Personal Trainers mini course is currently on special I thought I’d share one of my favourite cardio boxing drills! My favourite drill is the “Power of 3”! I love this drill because it works a TREAT […]

Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp

Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp: Hi guys! It’s Travis here. How was your weekend? Mine was really cool! I met up with a friend yesterday who’s been having a bit of a rough time and trying to get back into regular exercise. He told me how much he loves “cardio boxing” and how apart from walking […]

Boxing Drills for Personal Trainers

Boxing Drills for Personal Trainers: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. How was your weekend? Some of my friends want to get in shape so I help them out on the weekends. I like to keep things varied because I’m training with them too and I get bored pretty easily! So I enjoy throwing some new […]

Boost your Bootamp Boxing Workout with these Tips

Boost your Bootamp Boxing Workout with these Tips: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. I’m very excited about a new fun opportunity that presented itself to coach the Uruguayan rugby league team here in Sydney. I speak Spanish and as you may know I married an Argentinean. I lived in Argentina for 2 years and […]

12 Rounds: Boxing or Bootcamp?

12 Rounds: Boxing or Bootcamp? Hi guys! Jono here! How was your weekend? Did you watch the Boxing? Hats off to Jeff Horn… I’m a huge Manny Pacquiao fan… and the fight was definitely controversial but you have to admire the mindset off Horn. He had a dream, he believed it, he put in the […]

2 Great Boxing Workout ideas

2 Great Boxing Workout ideas: Hey guys! It’s Travis here today with a few boxing workout ideas. There’s 2 drills that I would like to share with you: 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off for 2 rounds each (so 2 rounds for the boxer and 2 rounds for the pad holder). I like to mix […]