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Battleropes Essentials for PT’s (5CECs)

Battlerope Essentials for Bootcamp and Personal Trainers (5CECs) $47

The ultimate online Battlerope CEC course that will teach you step by step how to master Battlerope training for you and your clients!

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“It’s amazing how many different exercises you can do with a battlerope. I enjoyed learning about all of them. All the information I needed was in the course material. I found it very helpful” Justine Sergeant Outside of the Box Personal Training

“I liked that I could do the course on line. It was an efficient use of time and money. I liked the course notes and extensive links. Also the ongoing involvement and education via the VIP Facebook group” Mark Saunders Equilibrium Health Services

“I really enjoyed how easy it was to read, understand and follow the follow the workbook and I really liked the links straight to the video. I thought this was a great alternative/addition to the workbook. I think you guys have covered it all from the online workbook – links to the videos – Facebook group. I did have one question I was stuck on (felt silly asking) but received a reply (almost) straight away. Being that it was a Sunday evening I wasn’t expecting anything till Monday. So great knowing there was support though emails and on facebook not just from you guys but others from the course.” Nicole Wilcox Nicfit Fitness

“10/10 It was concise and easy to understand. It will be very useful, especially the tips on being an awesome instructor.” Karina Piddington House Of Dog Bootcamp

“Thanks so much to Jon for his outstanding services with my recent Bootcamp course. Great knowledge, very professional and will certainly assist with my brand TexFit. Will definitely recommend to fellow trainers.” Dale TexFit

“Informative content and great youtube footage of exercises / drills in actions. Highly relevant. Just recommencing my PT credentials having been out of the industry for quite some time – so feel far more knowledgable now having completed the course.” Jane Wilson