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Bootcamp Blueprint Podcast

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

About Lisa Lisa Simone Richards is a publicist for fitness business owners who are ready to be seen as the experts they know they are, and who want to go from invisible to influencer. She’s here to show you how to build your brand, business & influence. Lisa...

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Part 3: Online Summit Podcast Series – with David Mifsud

About David A lot of PT’s dream of having their own studio. David achieved that at 20-years old. Since then he has hustled for 5 years to learn everything possible on how launch, grow and scale a studio profitably. He still owns his studio to this day but after...

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Part 2: Online Summit Podcast Series – with John Polley

About JP John Polley (JP) has several roles as a movement professional. Firstly, as owner of Be Free Movement Lifestyle Wellness in Perth, Australia, he sees clients requiring therapy and conditioning to overcome setbacks from over use, surgery, injury or illness, as...

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Part 1: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Jono Petrohilos

About Jono Jono is the Co Founder and Director at Fitness Education Online, one of the largest professional development organizations in the world for Personal Trainers. Jono is also a qualified Exercise Physiologist, published author (The Bootcamp Blueprint) and the...

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Ep 105: 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year, Shanon Fable

With over 20 years in the industry, Fable has presented and educated in pretty much every major fitness event… ECA, IDEA World, IDEA PTI, Asia Fitness Conference, SCW, DCAC, IHRSA, Club Industry, canfitpro and AFPA. six continents on group fitness, personal training,...

Part 4: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Lisa Simone Richards

Ep:104 Training the Bigger Clients with Vanessa Warren

Vanessa Warren (TWC Wellness Consultant) is a leading Health, Wellness and Activity specialist. She is the premiere Bariatric Exercise Specialist in Australasia currently located in New Zealand, and has spent the past 13 years working exclusively with hundreds of...

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It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises… BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way.

For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.

“The support that they've offered has been fantastic. My course is booked solid.”


“20 new customers & 12-16 people turning up every night of the week!”


thumb_02_60_60 Justine says...

"It's amazing how many different exercises you can do with a battlerope. I enjoyed learning about all of them. All the information I needed was in the course material. I found it very helpful."

thumb_01_60_60Michelle says...


"Thank you that is amazing, i have done some of these but i love the way you have explained and video demo for it. I love incorporating games. This has really helped me."

thumb_03_60_60 Mark says...


"Outstanding - I emailed 4 courses providers on the weekend over Xmas break. I did not expect any responses. However, I got an email response from Jonathon almost immediately."

thumb_02_60_60Emma says...


“I just want to say thank you so much for your amazing stuff. It's already revolutionised my business and reignited my passion for PT!”

thumb_01_60_60Scott says...


“10/10! I was not looking for someone to tell me to just do something. I found the personal touches like calling clients prior and after session to be very useful."

thumb_03_60_60Andrea says...


“Informative and easy to navigate, the course was helpful in all aspects of helping to improve my business. I will be doing more courses with you”

thumb_02_60_60 Jess says...

"Only 2 weeks in and thanks to fitness education online iv gone from 10 direct debit bootcamp clients to 26 and 6 new PT clients. I had been struggling for months before now with a brand new hyped up gym opening near me. I almost shut my business down. Well not anymore. Onwards and upwards to reach 50 new direct debit clients is my next goal. I cant wait to keep studying."

thumb_01_60_60Tracey says...

"Hey jono not sure if you remember but I messaged you about me doing an info session for my first Bootcamp ever and you rang me with some advice. Well 23 turned up for info session and 22 have paid in advance and One apologized stating she would live to do it however she feels her body was not up to it. First session tomorrow morning, yay. Thank you thank you thank you"

thumb_03_60_60 Ashy says...

"Ashy Bines here! I've known Jono from Fitness Education Online for a long time now and we've worked pretty closely together in the past and he knows a thing or two about running a successful bootcamp! If you're trainer looking to grow your Bootcamp i'd definitely recommend talking to Jono- easy going ,fun and doesnt complicate things!"