One of my biggest mistakes!

One of my biggest mistakes!

Hey guys, Jono here, WOW… What a last 4 days i’ve had! If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know i’ve been at FILEX and it was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came and say hello – I really appreciate that :)! And my apologies to everyone that I didn’t get a chance to speak too!

Now, I travel to Conventions all over the world so a lot of the content, I have heard before but there is ALWAYS something to learn… Even if it’s just one thing… I can give you a ton of examples where I have gone to a conference / convention and all I have learned is one little thing… But that one “little” thing has made me thousands and thousands of dollars!

I do need to stress something though… It’s not “learning” the thing that has made me the thousands and thousands of dollars… It’s learning the thing and then IMPLEMENTING the thing!

That’s my whole strategy to success… Learn, implement, learn and implement!

I learned this lesson the hard way… A few years ago now… I had an awesome idea… I was going to go to the IDEA Fitness Convention (the US version of the FILEX)… But then I “thought about it” and it was “too expensive” and “too far” and “what if it wasn’t good” and all the usual BS reasons we give ourselves when we’re scared of making a big commitment… So I didn’t go…

Then a few months later while the convention was one, I checked my Facebook Feed and one of my “friends” (competitor may be a better word as this “friend” also ran a local bootcamp) was actually at the convention… I could tell by the posts that my “friend” was learning so much!

My friend came back from the convention, implemented what they learnt, had this mean marketing strategies (that I could see on Facebook), learnt all these new bootcamp ideas and doubled their business…

Now, i’m not really the jealous type.. I wish everyone success… But I am the “get angry when I know I could have done something to further myself and my business but I didn’t because of some BS excuse”…

From that point there… I made a promise to myself… I have a good “idea” – I am going to action it then and there! There is absolutely no advantage to waiting!

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