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5 Secrets to Sales Calls Success

How to Turn Prospects into Clients Over the Phone: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. I am SO excited, I’ve got so many big things planned over the next coming weeks I can’t wait to share!!!! The first new thing, is a new course “Sales Essentials for Personal Trainers” (note: anyone that registers for our […]

How to Grow your Bootcamp with Sales Calls

Work Less and Call More! Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m feeling really good! I’m just putting together this Sales Training course (which you’ll get for free if you’re a Fitness Education Online VIP Member). So I’m brushing up on my favorite sales books that I’ve just finished “Secrets of Closing the Sale” by […]

Boxing workout for Uneven Numbers

Boxing workout for Uneven Numbers: Hi guys! Happy Friday! I hope you’re week is going well. Since our Boxing Workouts for Personal Trainers mini course is currently on special I thought I’d share one of my favourite cardio boxing drills! My favourite drill is the “Power of 3”! I love this drill because it works a TREAT […]

Kick Boxing drills for Bootcamp

Kick Boxing drills for Bootcamp: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. On Monday I shared with you how I got started in Kickboxing and today I wanted to share with you my favourite drill when using kicking in your sessions. Now I normally focus on cardio boxing drills, but if you’ve never done kicking it […]

Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp

Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp: Hi guys! It’s Travis here. How was your weekend? Mine was really cool! I met up with a friend yesterday who’s been having a bit of a rough time and trying to get back into regular exercise. He told me how much he loves “cardio boxing” and how apart from walking […]

The BIG 4s on How to Run a Successful Bootcamp

The BIG 4s on How to Run a Successful Bootcamp: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. How are you? One thing you may notice about me, I’m pretty old fashioned. Not into fancy things and prefer having a good old conversation with someone than sharing it via social media. Which is kind of ironic considering […]

Virtual Bootcamp: Training client online

Virtual Bootcamp: Training client online: Hi guys! It’s Travis here. Today is a bittersweet day for me. I just got a text from my Uncle, who’s been in India for the last couple of weeks. While he’s been there I’ve been looking after his dog, which I have really enjoyed, despite the holes in my […]

Content Marketing for Personal Trainers

Content Marketing for Personal Trainers: Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was interesting, every Saturday I do full contact kickboxing sparring. Several of the guys I train with have had professional fights and the gym owner has had over 40 pro MMA fights and is a pioneer in […]

Social Media and Your Personal Training Business

Social Media and Your Personal Training Business: Hi guys! How are you? It’s Travis here today. I’m happy it rained a bit this week, it hasn’t rained here in ages, so it was good for the garden and also provided a nice opportunity to catch up on some Netflix. I’m currently watching Luther (British cop […]