Bootcamp Specialist Certificate

This is currently the only certification of it’s kind and we are super excited for you to get started!

The Bootcamp Specialist is 12 month program which consists of 3 distinct phases
– Bootcamp Phase (approx 3months)
– Functional Training Phase (approx 6months)
– Social Media / Online Phase (approx 3months)
Note: these are just recommend time frames – you can take as long as you like to complete.

Bootcamp Specialist Certificate

Program Includes:

  • Phase 1: Bootcamp Phase (22CECs)
  • In this phase – you will learn how to structure a successful and profitable Bootcamp working one contact hour per day. Courses covered in this phase Bootcamp 1 (10CECs), Bootcamp 2 (11CECs), Pregnancy and Post Natal (1CEC)
  • Phase 2: Functional Training Phase (37CECs)
  • In this phase – you will learn how to use the 3 most popular functional training tools in Bootcamp – Kettlebells, Suspension, Battleropes. Courses covered in this phase Kettlebell 1 (10CECs), Kettlebell 2 (12CECs), Suspension Essentials (10CECs), Battlerope Essentials (5CECs), Medicine Ball Essentials for Bootcamp
  • Phase 3: Social Media / Online Phase (22CECs)
  • In this phase – you will learn how to use social media to grow your business and also how to add online components to your business. Courses covered in this phase Online Essentials Social Media Essentials (12CECs), Online Essentials: Train Clients Online (10CECs)
  • Bonus Courses Program also includes the following courses
  • Boxing Workouts, Powerbag Essentials, Resistance Band Essentials, Sales Essentials for PTs

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