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3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram

3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram: HI guys! It’s Travis here today. So last night I achieved something that I had been working towards for a while…my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Long story short I was due for it last year, but got injured just before grading and had to take 8 months off! But […]

Facebook for Bootcamp 101

Facebook for Bootcamp 101! Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. Monday was my last ‘official’ function as a full-time teacher. We had our teachers ‘Mad Monday’, which was out on a house boat on the Port Hacking River. We were lucky to have good weather. I had a blast, a really nice way to finish […]

How to Grow your Bootcamp: Facebook Community Group

How to Grow your Bootcamp: Facebook Community Group! Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. So there’s one week to go until Christmas and I’ve just finished my last year teaching full-time. The end of the year at school is always crazy! Reports, paperwork, tidying up and farewells. I’m looking forward to this next chapter working […]

Successful Bootcamp = Taking ACTION

Successful Bootcamp = Taking ACTION! Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m excited 🙂 One of my mentors Stuart Zadel is running a 3 Day Personal Development seminar this week! It’s 9am-11pm Sat, Sun and Mon so it should be super full on! Stuart, if you haven’t seen him before is the most inspirational person I […]

Best Marketing Strategy for PTs!

Best Marketing Strategy for Personal Trainers! Hi guys! it’s Jono here today. I’m actually a little stressed. I’m about to see my Trainer for our weekly stretch session and I’ve spent the last 2 weeks sitting down listening to presentations (and haven’t stretched at all). So, this could be painful, I’ll keep you posted. Now […]

4 Most Common Questions Asked by PTs

4 Most Common Questions Asked by PTs Hi guys! How are you? It’s Jono here today. I am SO pumped up! I just landed back in Sydney yesterday after a week and a half of Personal Development in New Zealand and Melbourne! Probably the best couple of weeks of my life… What’s important now is that […]